Sunday 5:00pm Hatha Yoga and Meditation with Binuta (90 minutes)

Monday 5:30pm Align & Flow Yoga with Jeanne (60 minutes)

Tuesday 9:15am Hatha Yoga with Caroline (60 minutes)

Tuesday 10:30am Chair Yoga with Christine (60 minutes) paused for July, back in August!

Tuesday 5:30pm Vinyasa Yoga with Binuta (75 minutes)

Wednesday 5:30pm Hatha Yoga with Caroline (60 minutes)

Thursday 9:15am Yoga with Bex (60 minutes) paused for summer break - this class only!

Thursday 10:30am Gentle Yoga with Christine (60 minutes)

Thursday 5:30pm Align & Flow Yoga with Jeanne (75 mins)

Simple is sustainable! Please bring your own mat and props, and note that classes fill on a first come-first served basis.

$15/class - Payment is Cash or Venmo only


Jeanne - Align & Flow

Monday 5:30pm & Thursday 5:30pm

All classes begin with a meditation and invite mindful movement through attention to breath and physical alignment. In a vinyasa class, we link postures together and move with the breath on the inhale, or the exhale. A typical class involves strength and stability work balanced by flexibility and relaxation. Each class finishes with a reclining rest.

Caroline - Hatha Yoga

Tuesday 9:15am & Wednesday 5:30pm

Caroline completed her teaching training with Kia Meaux in 2006. Drawing on her physical therapy background she has continued teaching the Anatomy portion of the yoga teacher trainings with Kia and with The Yoga Seed in Sacramento. Her classes use alignment and body awareness as tool for mindfulness and injury prevention.

Christine - Gentle Yoga & Chair Yoga

Thursday 10:30am (Gentle); Tuesday 10:30am (Chair Yoga)

This class offers a more "gentle" approach to yoga.  Beginning with a focus on breath and settling in, we move through a warm up followed by various poses that assist in building flexibility, strength, agility and balance. Class concludes with an extended relaxation or savasana.  All are welcome as we also focus on creating a comfortable environment that is accessible to all. Please join us!

Binuta - Hatha Yoga & Meditation

Sunday 5:00pm & Tuesday 5:30pm

In this 90-minute weekend class and 75 minute weekday class, you will use different practices of yoga to unwind, relax and ground your nervous system. The goal is to release the cumulative stresses of the past week and create openness and space for the week ahead. The sequences include combinations of mindful movement, breathwork, seated meditation and yoga nidra. This class is designed to be accessible to all levels.

Bex - learn more about Bex on her website.

Thursday 9:15am - paused for summer break

Lisa - Vinyasa, Yin & Sound Healing

Lisa blends her nurturing and curious nature to influence the development of her classes to support students to deepen their own experience.  Coupled with her in-depth life coaching practice and yoga training, mingling Buddhist thought and depth psychology, Lisa guides her students to reach their highest potential, stepping out of class feeling revived and inspired.  

All classes begin with brief meditation and/or focused breathwork before moving into a slow blended vinyasa practice with a touch of yin to enhance an introspective experience.

Contact us if you have any questions